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  • Initial Consultation:
    A visit to the project site and meeting with the client is needed to review the project’s scope-of-work; this is done at no charge to the client.
  • Base Mapping:
    Collection of project information such as existing drawings, site measurements and photos, and local design guidelines is needed to produce an accurate Existing Conditions Plan to design from.
  • Design:
    The client’s wants and needs drive the design process with a series of Conceptual Sketches with options; then more Schematic Drawings are produced to convey the design’s intent, color rendered for the Design Presentation, and revised for a final set of Construction Drawings.
  • Cost Estimate:
    A calculation of quantities for construction materials, labor, machinery, and permits is presented as an itemized Cost Estimate at the Design Presentation.
  • Construction:
    Colorado Lifestyles is able to provide a time-lined Construction Schedule with optional phasing of constructed elements working towards the project’s eventual completion. Integrating the Profession of Design and the abilities of Construction make Colorado Lifestyles a fully capable service oriented Design-Build Firm for your next landscape project.